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Since 2001, the Sauder Executive Mentorship Program (EMP) has been dedicated to connecting enthusiastic students to industry professionals with the intention of creating meaningful and long lasting relationships. Each year, the program strives to provide opportunities and events where mentees and mentors can gain mutual value through sharing and learning from each other. With our belief that mentorship and coaching pushes an individual to new heights, our mission is to support mentees as they “Unleash their Potential.” 

Program Overview

Our mentorship program is strategically designed to aid students with gaining skills essential to their personal and professional development. The key aspects of the program are as follows:

1:1 Mentor Meetings 

Students will be paired with a mentor in their preferred industry and conduct monthly one-on-one meetings (6 total) throughout the academic year. The EMP team will provide prompts for each meeting, based on a monthly theme. Every theme is created with the intention to derive specific learning points (such as about passions, strengths, required skills for success, etc.) while still allowing flexibility for spontaneous conversation.

By the end of the program, many mentees will find that they have been able to create a deep and meaningful connection with their mentor and would be able to continue benefiting from their relationship beyond just EMP.

Mentee Community

Upon entry, students will be placed into groups with other mentees and form small communities. Group meetings will occur after every second mentor meeting.  During group meetings, the mentees will get to share and reflect on the valuable knowledge they have each gained from their respective mentors. As it is not logistically possible to meet with more than one mentor within the program, mentees will be able to utilize mentee group meetings to gain access to advice offered by other mentors.

Short Reflections

Throughout the program, all mentees are expected to complete three short reflections, each submitted either after every two mentor meetings or one group meeting. The reflections are to contain any highlights that mentees have learned from either their mentor, other mentees, or their own self reflection until that point.

Reflections can be done in a simple bullet-point format and must be at least 100 words in total each. If mentees wish to write more, they are more than welcome. Once complete, the reflections are to be submitted through the EMP Canvas page. Upon completing all three reflections, the mentees will receive a completion certificate at the very end of the program.

EMP Events

Aside from our mentorship program, EMP will also be hosting several events - all of which will be available to mentees free of charge. You can view the events here.

Unleash Your Potential

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